I’ve been meaning to scan the latest ultrasound pictures to put in here. I tried last night but the network’s all changed around so I’ll try again tonight.
We had the 19w u/sound last Friday. All is well though I have a low-lying placenta and will need to go back for another scan at 34ish weeks. Gender still unknown, and we’re still on par with dates. I have an appointment with the GP today. It wasn’t my intention to see her so soon but the clinic called me to make this followup appointment as she is leaving the clinic at the end of this week. Such a bummer, as I’ve come to like this doctor over the last couple of visits. No doubt I’ll just transfer to another one in the same clinic.

Fraser has been going to daycare in undies this week. On Tuesday he had a completely dry day and a couple of accidents yesterday. Not too bad, though. It’s pretty exciting that I’ll probably have a few nappy-free months before starting all over again. A little holiday, as it were.

We had J and the girls down last weekend. Fraser and Savanna had a great old time. Fraser would say “let’s run around”, Savvy would say “let’s have a tea party”. They had us in stitches a few times. Lily just fed and slept her way through the days.

I’ve been on a plastic-tub-buying-bender. Organising the baby clothes into tubs marked with sizes, and some with seasons if the stash was too big for one box. I intend to do the same with Fraser’s toddler clothes in his room. Then moving on to our room. I’ve also decided to make a tub for colouring in stuff, playdough stuff, and crafty-paper-glue stuff and keep them in the kitchen buffet thing so I can reclaim space in the kitchen linen cupboard. Dymo has been getting a workout.
I’m itching for IKEA trip to buy bookcases for the office and Fraser’s room. We still have books packed in boxes from when we moved here nearly 2 years ago!


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