Undies, First Days and other updates.

It’s been a great couple of days. Perhaps I’ll work backwards this time.
Fraser started back at daycare today. He’s in the 3-4s pre-school room now. He has a new locker for his bag and things, new teachers, and a new schedule. He goes Tues-Thurs now instead of Mon, thurs-Fri. He had a great day, his new teachers saying he was a delightful boy. I’m so excited he’s adjusted so easily to the new get-up.
On top of that he’s been managing going to the toilet on his own today besides the scheduled toilet stops that they regularly do.
If the rest of the week at daycare goes well we may send him along in undies next week.

We’ve been doing half day trials with undies once a week or so recently and then this last week he’s been in undies most of the day since Thursday. HE’s done pretty well though tends to forget if he’s watching The Wiggles or something equally fascinating. Day time toilet trained is very close to happening. W00p!!

Mum and Dad were here over the weekend to see how well he was doing with the TT. They also came with me to Bowral yesterday. Dad stayed with Fraser at the play centre while MUm and I went to the Ob appointment at the hospital. Everything’s looking good and he’s happy for me to continue with shared care. The heart rate was 130bpm.
So the plan is – u/sound this Friday, checkup with GP at 22-23weeks, glucose test at 26-28weeks, OB checkup at 28weeks and then figure the rest out.

My work pants that I was happily wearing pre-Christmas just don’t cut it anymore so I had to buy a navy maternity skirt. I can reclaim the expense through work as lord knows, it’s not something I’d usually buy. I’ll also have to get my hands on some navy pants as I only have blacks from when I was working at Optus.

In other news, I’ve ordered our recliner! w00p! Could be 8 weeks until it arrives but that’s OK. It’s shaykasuede in a colour called TObasco. A brick-red sort of colour with a small pattern in it.


  1. Our recliner was a Very Good Thing when our little one was smaller.

    The arms were just the right height, for me, for breastfeeding, it was perfect for sitting with him on my lap reading a story and comfortable enough to sleep in if required (We originally had it in the kiddo’s room).

  2. You sound so happy :)

    We are almost TT’d too – even going on long walks down the street or to the train station in big-boy-pants.

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