It’s been a social time for us over the Christmas/NY break. Last Thursday I went back to the office so Matt took Fraser to the Canberra zoo with cousin Harrison and family. This is a great pic of them in front of the emus.


They loved seeing “nemo” at the aquarium but Fraser was scared of the sharks. Bears, giraffes and emus were the favourites.

On Saturday we went back to Canberra (geez! Why don’t we just move there?!) and did a bit of post-xmas sales shopping. We ended up buying a chest freezer so we can take part in some community beef. We have somewhere to store half a cow now. w00p!

Sunday we had the neighbours around for NYE dinner. Matt told everyone to BYO everything so we ended up with mountains of snags and nibblies. Of course, BYO means everyones takes their mess home with them. There wasn’t much to clean up – yay! I kept Fraser up until the 9pm fireworks on the telly. He was pretty shattered and dropped off to sleep as soon as they were over.

Fraser’s Uncle Boo is down for a couple of days so I pulled the carrots out of the garden bed and threw them in with some roast potatoes. I glazed them with honey towards the end and they were tasty! Because I sprinkled the seeds at random and didn’t transplant them at seedling-size they grew all in together and twisty-like. Quite the vegetable art form.


I made the appointment today for my next ultrasound. I’m constantly amazed that I’m almost half way already. it feels like it’s just dragging on but really… half way?! MOnday I have the OB appointment at the hospital and next Friday – the ultrasound. I’m determined NOT to find out gender this time so I plan on supplementing our existing newborn clothing with red to cover both options. I’m also totally clueless on names and part of me stubbornly wants to bury-head-in-sand until the child is born so we only have to decide one name. We’ll see.

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