Maybe it’s because I’m pregnant and on the wagon, maybe it’s because so much Christmas food is in the ‘not allowed’ basket but this year’s Christmas was remarkably relaxed and gluttony-free.

We do still have a mile of ham but isn’t that the way it’s supposed to be ?

Our frivolity started last weekend when international guests plus 3 kids stayed for the weekend. A hamd and chicken smorgasbord for lunch, followed by mini raspberry pavs (as appeared in the Christmas Women’s Weekly), and a BBQ dinner with roo steaks.

Fraser eating his raspberry pav.

Oh my lord, the noise with 4 kids in the house was something else. It was constant. But they played well together and Fraser had a great time. I’m sure I said the same thing when they visited last January. :D

Sunday night we put out cookies and carrots for Santa and the reindeers and after Fraser went to bed we prepared. Matt built his trike, I finished wrapping and laid all the presents out under the tree.

Monday morning started at 6.30am. :o
We showed Fraser the cookies were gone and before you could say ‘Rudolf the red nosed reindeer’ he saw the trike. So he had a little ride around on that until we got on with the rest. He was most impressed with the Chubbies plastic cars, and the Thomas puzzle.

On his new trike.

With his camera. He was snapping pics on this all day.

We packed the car, including some of his new toys, and headed for Sydney. Lunch with my family was pretty sedate with only about 8 adults, my 13yo cousin and Fraser. We moved on to visit F’s godparents who gave him a roaring dragon tail. (I’m yet to wear it to work.)
Boxing Day was just as relaxed hanging with the ILs – more ham/chicken smorgasbord and cricket on the TV. Fraser and Sav spent all day jumping on the trampoline. He was scared at first but after being coaxed by Sav and Unky Boo he finally gave it a shot.

So I was back at work today for some brief normality before new years mayhem. Matt has volunteered us to host the street NYE party. :o

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