First name basis?!

Sav’s party was good fun. There was sausage sizzle, cake, and lots of presents. We gave her an outfit, a ream of coloured paper and a box of foam flower stickers. She’s having a crafty phase so I hope she likes them. Didn’t take any pics, darn it! Hopefully get some good ones from someone else.

Before we arrived at the party we had some time to check out the homewares shops on the way. oops! We bought a coffee table. It’ll go really well together with the TV unit. Excellent. Now we just need our rocker/recliner. ;)
We also bought a rug for Fraser’s room that has the roads on it. He can play cars on it when he gets up in the morning. That’s my evil plan, anyway. I’m taking a day off on Monday to finish off the Christmas shopping. Just a few bits and pieces left to get.

On tuesday we went up to Bowral to book in with the hospital. It was literally just booking in.. some paperwork, some questions, and that was it. Though I have made an appointment for the staff OB who will give me a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ on whether I can continue with midwife care or not.
It took us 45mins to get to the hospital. I guess I won’t be loitering around home labouring for very long.

After that we trekked back down to Goulburn for Fraser’s daycare Christmas party. We met the parents of a couple of his good buddies. The seem nice folks and both couples have also moved to Goulburn from Sydney. Fraser had a great time! His first time on a bouncy castle and the little chair-lift/merry-go-roundy thing. (Once again, no pics! Lordy! I need a pocket camera again so I can just keep it in my bag and whip it out at opportune times.) Suffice to say, he really enjoyed himself. Santa arrived in a police car and gave out bags of lollies.

Maybe I can try and get him to sit on Santa’s lap again for the official photo. He didn’t want a bar of it last Saturday. :(

Lately he’s taken to calling us by first names if we don’t respond straight away. “Mummy!….Mummy!…Aprill!!”. Hmmpf. I’m assured it’s a phase they seem to go through at this age. It’s funny for a while but it bothers me a bit too. Not sure why. Maybe it’s just the initial surprise.

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