2 santas!

I forgot to mention in my last post that Fraser and I went to the opening of a photography exhibition on thursday night. The photographers exhibiting were all my former classmates from TAFE. Had I not got work at the Piggy Bank I would have been exhibiting as well! Can’t believe how great they all are now. They even handed out catalogues with artist statements for each person. I was happy for the chance to catch up with them.

Saturday was a work day for me so I headed in to do what I had to do then went into town to get a haircut and do some shopping. While I was doing all this, matt and Fraser were in Sydney for the day at the Buick Club christmas party. I think Fraser had a great time seeing Savvy again. Santa (MIL) gave him a hobby horse. When you squeeze the ear it makes clip clop and neigh noises.

They came home in time to have a bit of a rest before heading out for the next christmas party. The local rural fire service had a shindig on Saturday night. There were a few kids there but I think Fraser may have been the youngest. There was another little girl there who would have been around his age. He had a great time running around and around with her. He was knackered by the time Santa showed up (again!) and burst into tears when Santa waved to him. As soon as Santa called his name out though he was so excited. He ran up to Santa and collected the present I wrapped – a recorder. A bit of a lame gift really but I saved our good ones for Christmas morning. Anyway, he was happy with it.

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