Busy busy busy

It has been a busy week. Last Friday we had our 12 week ultrasound. They placed the baby at 12w exactly, by measurements, moving my EDD to 8th June.

Now that I had the proof I informed the rest of my work colleagues in time for us to go out and have our pre-Christmas night out. The reaction has been congratulatory all ’round so I’m pleased.

Saturday morning we headed off to Kiama for a weekend with some Sydney mothers group friends. We had a good time down at the beach and in the pool back at the rental house. Fraser was very nervous of the water but eventually wound up in there for a little while.


It’s pretty clear we don’t go swimming much so I took him into Goulburn on Wednesday for a paddle. We managed about half an hour in the toddler pool with him sticking with me the whole time. I think after new year I’ll make it a regular Friday afternoon thing after playgroup. We’ve managed to change our daycare days to Tues-Thurs next year which is great. Mondays for home and Fridays for out and about.

Yesterday I had my appointment with the GP to go over results from the NT scan. After much confusion from all parties (medical clinic, Xray clinic, me) we finally determined that the place I was referred to does indeed do NT scans. So the numbers came up well – 1:8000’ish. Next Wednesday is my hospital appointment to book in etc and then the next scan will be around 18-20 weeks. Not very exciting in the meantime.

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