Have a look at the exploding vege patch!

vege patch

Last weekend was great. Dave Hughes was good but about half the material waS recycled.

Fraser went well staying over with Nanny and Poppy. He woke up a couple of times, calling out for me, but went back to sleep when led back to bed. He went to the park a couple of times, Nana played cars and garages with him. They did some drawing and generally had a good old time.


Of course, Lily is gorgeous and she was asleep most of the time we were visiting. Matt was all “what’s with the sleeping all the time?”… that’s a ‘normal’ newborn for you. We only remember screaming. ;)

Matt’s been away most of this week in Sydney. He had various things on up there across the week and it made more sense to just stay up there instead of commuting back and forth. Fraser’s been saying “Daddy gone?” in the mornings. “Daddy’s in Sydney”, “oh”. He’ll be back tomorrow night.

I think I’m coming down with a cold now. Fraser’s had it the past week and several kids at daycare have the snots. My head feels like it is stuffed with cotton wool. Might be a pleasant sensation if I didn’t have any responsibilities and didn’t know what was coming. Off to bed early again tonight.


  1. Hey ! I love that um .. carhouse … leftovers from a kitchen kitout ? Looks like an office cubbyhole rack, or a winerack with extras ?

    Whatever it is, it would be a HUGE hit here. I am insanely jealous already.

    Nice McDonalds HappyMeal cars, BTW. Unfortunately, I can catch you out, as we own them too :/

  2. Indeed! Bits of winerack. :)

    One would think I have the future Minister of Roads and TRansport here. The Ikea and duplo train sets are laid out end-to-end of the living room. :o

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