I’ve upgraded the wordpress version on this blog but I can’t find any noticeable difference. Just thought you’d like to know in case you see something different.

It’s very windy today. We were supposed to have a decent chance of rain but I’m sure the wind will blow it all out to sea. Bummer. The veg patch is coming along nicely and I have a lavender bush in flower. The only one so far, but very attractive.

We were up in Sydney last weekend. We’re up there alot over the coming weeks. While I love having something to do on the weekend I do really like the coming home part.
Saturday was lunch with the ILs for MIL’s birthday. We went to Flower Power and the kids had a great time on the play equipment. Fraser chucked a bit of a wobbly when it was time to get off but he does enjoy that stuff and there’s not much of it around here.

Sunday was lunch for Dad’s 60th birthday. Just the five of us. We caught a water taxi to Clontarf and had lunch at the restaurant there. Fraser loved the water taxi. There were a few little girls in the restaurant with their family, so Fraser went to sit down with them and colour in for a little while. So cute. There was play equipment there too so we hung around for a while.

Fraser’s been getting right into drawing and colouring in lately. I think it must be the textas as they’re alot more vibrant and interesting than those waxy crayons.

Well back to the housework for me today.

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