The blood test says yes.

Well I had the blood test during my lunch break on thursday. I called on MOnday and enquired after my results. All were normal but one thing of note is that my HCG level was at 9-10 weeks for when I would have been barely 6 weeks! It could mean nothing, or it could indicate more than one. :o

I’ll book in my 12w scan and find out then, I suppose. i called the ante-natal clinic today and made an appointment for booking in at the hospital and with the midwives. 6th December. Plenty of time to wait in the interim.

I’m really finding this experience totally different this time around. Very little illness, just some mild quease in the evening. i don’t have the exhaustion I had first time around but I am going to bed early and sleeping solidly. I can remember having painful stretching cramps by this stage with Fraser but I’ve only had twinges this time.

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