Wakey wakey!! Hands off Snakey.

We were supposed to get our Molong TV unit delivered today but the guy was a no-show. I truly hope it comes tomorrow. At least I’ll be out and about and not sitting on my ass waiting.

The Piggy bank paid me a uniform allowance last week. I may spend it tomorrow. I also ordered 3 embroidered shirts. Unfortunately they had a limited number of designs available due to a new uniform coming in the new year so I was stuck with annoying 3/4 sleeve options. I hate 3/4 sleeves. Why can’t they just add that extra few inches of fabric?

Tony came and shot 2 brown snakes that had got themselves caught in the bird netting around the vege garden. Ew ew ew. Apparently, ants love to eat dead snakes. You just leave them on an ants nest and stir them up. Come back in a few days and there will be not a sign left. Who knew?

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  1. I like 3/4 sleeves as I have short arms .. I also wear 3/4 pants as long pants too … cheaper than getting full-length jeans taken up ! :)

    Snakes however, I do not like :(

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