Painted pine

The boys had a good time in SYdney on Sunday/Monday and I enjoyed my alone time. :D
Didn’t really know what to do with myself so ended up cleaning up my desk and filing the impossible pile.
Today we were back to scheduled programming, minus the cleaning. It’s a CBF day. I think we’ll go for a trek to Queanbeyan tommorrow. Need to buy some cargo pants for matt, sneakers for me, and some other odds and ends.

We did some nature art today. COllected pine cones, painted them, and rolled them around on paper.

pine cone art

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  1. Hmm – what a good idea.

    We collect a lot of interesting things for this purpose when we go to the park – leaves, button-shaped pods, seeds etc. We carry them home carefully, while I talk of all our exciting painting/printing adventures that we will have.

    And then we throw them on the lawn just before stepping in the front door ( ???!!!? )

    So i’m sticking to painting egg cartons for the time being :)

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