I feel silly posting this having just lamented 18 months TTC. However, I am pleased to say I got a positive this morning.

I did have spotting through the week but it amounted to nothing more and my temps came back up. It was only on Friday that I computed the possibilty I may actually be pregnant. Saturday morning I tested with a cheap test form the internet. There was the feintest of feint lines that I thought might have been making it up. So i shelved it and decided to buy a digital test from the supermarket when I was in at work yesterday. This morning I tested again. ‘Pregnant’.

Murphy was at his best this time. I’d just paid a fortune for a digital Ovulation tester from ebay which I didn’t get to use, I bought an enormous bottle of evening primrose oil, as yet unopened, and Matt had some new expensive supplement. I won’t be cancelling the fertility clinic just yet.
It goes to show that the “go and take a holiday” assvice is a whole lot of B.S.

Even if this doesn’t stick I’ll be glad something different happened. Does that sound mean?

I feel like running around snapping my claws like Dr Zoidberg. Henceforth, this clump of cells shall be called Zoidberg. According to online calendars I will be due early June.

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  1. Assvice – heh ! ;)

    And no, the ‘not sticking’ thing is a positive in my books anyway, afer months of ‘nothing’, so completely understand that statement.

    Still, i’m writing this in November, and ol’ Zoiddy has definately stick but good ! :)

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