3 cheers for weekends away


Our weekend away for Mum’s birthday was great. We stayed in one of these houses on the hill at Gerringong which was really comfortable and in a great spot right at the shops. There was a playground across the road which Fraser enjoyed. We went to lunch at a winery only a few minutes drive away. Beautiful views, salt and pepper squid, wine.
Dinner was at a local restaurant in walking distance. Fraser played hard and refused to have a nap so he naturally fell asleep on Matt’s lap at the dinner table. He woke up in time to have birthday cake so was wired until 11pm!

Sunday we went out to Berry and had a look around, drove to Nowra Hill to check out a relo’s new house (they weren’t home), and then came back to the house for fish and chips and a nap.
I found it to be quite an energising weekend away.

So glad I took part in the soft cheese, alcohol and smoked salmon.

AF came today so I’m pleased I didn’t deny myself the luxuries for the ‘what ifs’.
This marks 18 months. I try to tell myself that the odds are getting better that something is bound to happen soon. Surely!? It’s getting harder to handle the closer I get to seeing some of these babies being born around me. Please God/dess! Aren’t you listening?!?

A couple of months to go until the fertility specialist. Bring it on.

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