Roll up! Roll up!

Last Sunday was circus day. Stardust circus is in town so J, Sh, Boo, and Sav came along with us. Fraser enjoyed the animal stuff but didn’t like the acrobatic stuff. Too dark and suspenseful, maybe? The elephants and the lions were entertaining, as were the monkeys and horses. I would have enjoyed more of the monkeys. Sav was pretty fascinated most of the time. Fraser recognised one of his daycare buddies there so he had a little conversation with Cody during intermission.


I’ve always had this subconcious thought that toddlers had memories like goldfish. Seems they don’t. Who knew?!
Even though academically, I know they absorb everything around them. Perhaps it’s to do with their rudimentary ability to express verbally. I don’t know really. A couple of weeks ago we mentioned to Fraser how we were going to the beach this weekend for Nanny’s birthday. Occasionally since then he’s come out with ‘beach’. ‘Yes, we’re going to the beach next weekend.’ The other morning he started singing Happy Birthday (to Nanny). ‘Wow. Aren’t you clever? Yes, it is Nanny’s birthday this weekend.’

If that wasn’t enough to convince me that kids remember stuff, Fraser found the Birthday Boy badge that he wore at his 2nd birthday party. He said it was a birthday flower (it’s one of those rosette badge things) and that there was a Bob cake. I was impressed that he could put those things together.


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