Fowl fatality

Well we’re getting to the pointy end of the year when things get busy and weekends get booked up. Fraser got his first invitation to a birthday party from a girl at daycare. It’s for next Sunday but we’ll be on the south coast spending the weekend with Mum for her birthday. Into the mix I now have to consider working one weekend a month. Though, fortunately, it’s only for about 2-3 hours each day from home.
We need to try and fit in some more visits to Yolande – the chiro/herbal lady that we hooked up with through family. Matt and I had our first visit last week. She focussed on working the knots out of my neck and back, and massaging the tension out for both of us. SHe found that I have a dropped pelvis on my left side which probably causes me to put extra pressure on that side when I walk etc. I have some stretching exercises and we both need to get out a few times a week to go for long walks to relieve the mental stress. Maybe when daylight saving starts I can go for some walks alone in the evening when Fraser has gone to bed. She tells me that the nervous system is connected to everything and therefore may impact on fertility.. i.e. when there are blockages in the nervous sytem then your fertility might be up the creek. Make sense, I suppose. Anyway, with all this activity over the coming months our specialist appointment will be here before we know it.

Fraser was a good boy last weekend. He spent a few hours with his ‘Ganma’ and ‘Ganpa’ while we had our backs attended to. I came home with my new domestic help – Dyson.. Thanks Mr 40-months-interest-free! He sucks real good.

Unfortunately, we also got home to one dead chook. :(
No idea of the cause. SHe was just on the floor of the chook pen, dead under the pellet feeder. I’m glad I didn’t get around to giving them names. Fraser was inside the house at the time we found her, luckily and hasn’t noticed there is one less chook.

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  1. Hate to say it, but he could have been pecked to death. Any signs of sickness ? Looking a bit raggeddy ? I used to spend a lot of time watching our chooks, and they were b!tches if one wasn’t quite up to par.

    I also learned my birds and bees by watching chooks :(
    I threw clods of earth at the Rooster until Dad came home. How embarrassing .. I thought the rooster was trying to kill them :(

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