Happy Father’s Day

fathers day

Happy Fathers Day to all the dads. Matt received the new Steve Waugh book and some shower gel. We spoke to Pop and Grandpa, and after Matt got back from his fire brigade training we headed off towards the coast to find somewhere for lunch. Kiama was very busy so we continued on North and stopped at Chilli’s in Wollongong. After lunch we strolled along North Beach. Fraser had a wonderful time throwing rocks into the water and paddling along in the shallows.

Of course, Matt also insisted we stop at Bunnings to buy himself a gurney. Our new TV cabinet should be arriving soon, so it all evens out.


  1. Your last few pictures have been exceptional! Are you playing with them afterwards (the colours are amazing) or using a different camera or have I just no noticed your brilliance before now? :-)

  2. Well, I have always been brilliant. ;)
    However, yes.. I have just discovered the ‘contrast’ tool on Photoshop. W00p!!

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