New diary entries

Here’s a separate post re the TTC efforts. There has been a significant development. After sitting on the referral for a couple of weeks I have finally made the call. The earliest appointment for the gyno is 4th Dec(!). So I emailed the Canberra clinic of Sydney IVF and asked them if they had anything sooner than this doctor. They emailed back to explain that it is a requirement that I see this particular doctor who will then hook me up with SIVF depending on the prescribed treatment. However, due to us travelling from GOulburn it was advised that I make an appointment with SIVF for the same day otherwise there would be further waiting. I called back straight away and made a tentative booking with them for the afternoon, after I’ve seen the gyno.
At this point I have no idea what happens at a first appointment. Will I just be instructed to do more tests and come back later? Will we be offered IUI straight up?

I’m glad to mark a date in the diary even though it’s so long away. I nearly cried after making the appointments. A sadness that we’d come to that point? Probably. However, we have a plan for the interim. Continue with our vitamins and OPK use, both of us will start seeing a naturopath again. We’ve had a family friend contact come out of the woodwork. The next few months is springtime so I should get more heavily involved with the gardening.

We may still end up not needing the specialist after all. Here’s hoping.


  1. Springtime … always puts hope in my heart and boosts my spirits .. anything is possible, everything is new.

    Good Luck !!

  2. Hi muser
    I have followed your link from ADL to check out your blog. I love your blog and it is nice to see another Australian on ADL and in the TWIKM thread.
    I hope everything goes well with your appointments and the time between now and the appointments, especially with seeing the naturopath. I also recently found out about this place in Rozelle, Sydney that does accupuncture which assists with fertility and pregnancy, and can be used in combination with IVF etc. I have bookmarked it just in case, but I thought you might also be interested ( They might also be able to help.
    Sending you lots of sticky vibes and good luck for the next couple of months and beyond for you and your family.
    From kama (at ADL) xx oo

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