Captain No-naps

Today is the first day where I haven’t actively encouraged a nap for Fraser whie we’ve been home all day.
Yesterday, I insisted and he ended up falling asleep on the floor of his room surrounded by the result of what seemed to be an exploded clothing and nappy bomb. He’d taken everything out of his drawers. All of that destruction for a 30minute nap.
So, I’ve decided to accept that Fraser is beyond them. I would persevere if he was having 1.5hr naps at daycare but he’s cut them down too.

Aah well. I will have to restructure our day. I used to enjoy my quiet lunchbreak with Oprah and chocolate. Alas, it’s time to move on.

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  1. hey apey dont forget that at daycare they always sleep less, theres more noise and more stuff going on around them, S only ever sleeps for an hour at daycare, but always 2+ hours at home

    hope he decides he still wants a nap! all the little kidlets ive looked after napped til they were about 3.5 so it seems weird hes dropping them so soon, but c’est la vie, see what happens!

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