Soufflop, anyone?

I’ve been alot more productive this last week.

Due to an oversupply of eggs I thought I’d do some cooking. Last Wednesday I tried my hand at cheese souffles.


Perhaps that should be soufflops ? Well, they were tasty anyway. I think I overfilled the ramekins and overwhipped the egg-white.

Yesterday I had a go at custard. Fortunately that was a success. Matt says it tasted better than the store-bought stuff though could do with more vanilla. Naturally I was left with a bunch of eggwhite. And naturally, I had to make meringues!


Yum yum.

We had a good weekend too. On saturday we had a little family trip to Berrima with the ILs. Lunch and shops. Good combination.


Yesterday Matt had his Rural Fire Service training so Fraser and I had the day to ourselves. We went up to marulan in the morning and played int he park for a while, kicked the ball etc and then I took him down to the station to watch the train go past. Excellent timing on my part as there are only 2 or 3 trains a day going past marulan. Fraser was impressed.

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  1. I am very impressed with your cooking….mmmm… guess who’s coming to dinner and who will be doing the cooking !!! xxxx

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