I’ll get the TTC update out of the way. I went to the medical centre last Thursday to go over test results. All normal. The doctor said that *does* mean we have good odds even though we’ve been trying for so long already. I got some more education on cycles (pfft!) and recommendations of timing and technique. Won’t go into *that* detail. However, I do now have that longed-for referral to a gyn in Canberra. I haven’t made any calls as I’m still holding out hope that I won’t need to.


Moving on to the weekend – which was outstanding!
Fraser spent the weekend with cousin Savy, Aunty jane and Unky Shan. He had a spectacular time. They went to the park, played with each other, napped. Fraser slept through til nearly 6am when he called out for mummy. Aunty Jane went in and he got into bed with her for another couple of hours.

Meanwhile we kicked up our heels and had a great old time. We took a secret hotel deal from Lastminute.com.au which ended up being the Rydges Jamison near Wynyard. 2 free movie tix were included so we went to see Footy Legends. Not a bad flick. Plenty of funny bits and some sad bits. Then we returned for a swim in the hotel pool, dinner at Lowenbrau in the Rocks, a walk down to circular quay, copenhagen ice cream and back to the hotel for a cocktail. Asleep by 10pm we had a glorious 8 hours of uninterrupted zzz’s.


We awoke to a fresh copy of the Sunday paper and a buffet breakfast, followed by shopping at the Rocks markets and in the city.

Checkout the view from our room.


The stuff that dreams are made of.


Here’s my latest scrapbook effort. It was part of a scrap swap I took part in on EB. Someone randomly chosen sent me a pack of up to $20 value, and I did the same for some other random person. We all submit layouts we come up with.

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  1. We were at the Lowenbrau on Saturday night! We didn’t get there till later though. Shame we missed you guys!


  2. Eww – not that ‘elevate your hips afterwards’ kind of advice, I hope ( yeah, thanks for that, person who reminds me of my father/mother/hot guy from school )

    I know health professionals roll their eyes to hear it, but we do have internet access these days, and if you’re an EB member .. well, i’m sure you’ve heard it ALL !

    The weekend sounds really fabby though ( jealous !! )
    I’m hoping for a night out with adult food this Friday night with a bit of babysitting luck !

    I’ve also got my mum with us for a couple of weeks, so it will be nice to be able to get out and have an extra set of hands – really looking forward to it !

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