Mac 1, citrix 0

Since I started at the Piggy Bank I have been trying to get my Mac to connect to my desktop at work via Citrix. I was unsuccessful and approaching the senior admin was a waste of time. I’m working in an anti-Mac environment.
So Matt persevered for a while. Hacking SSl certificates, installing 25 versions of the same citrix client.. etc etc. The last straw was today when this same admin guy insisted the only way to fix it was to spend too much time and too much money changing the certificates on the server. Matt did some further sleuthing and found some threads on the citrix forums that advise how to get it all to work. So I went through the process tonight, found some other threads with further advise and have finally got it happening.
Now I really do have the opportunity to work from home. W00p!

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  1. Woohooo! I’m glad the Citrix battle is over, I’m even more glad you emerged the winner. Working from home, there’s nothing better.

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