Nanny-Pop capers.

OK. Leaving the doom and gloom of the last couple of posts behind.. bar a note of thanks to those who have commented in my previous whines. It’s nice to know that you’re out there pulling for me. Thanks alot.

Onto more positive things. Mum and Dad came down on the weekend, mainly for a lunch do that we had with some of their friends on Sunday. Fraser loved seeing his Nanny and Pop. They gave him a golf set which looks just like a real mini-clubs and golf bag. Very cute seeing him ‘play golf’ with Pop.

Dad helped Matt build me a couple of vege garden beds out of pine sleepers. They look great! and I can’t wait to fill them up with soil and stuff to grow things. I must get out there and take pics tomorrow. Totally forgot about it today in all my wallowing.

vege beds

Fraser’s language development is out of this world lately. If you’re in the way he says “scu me, mum”. LOL! Today he wanted me to do the wiggles puzzle all day (Iggle puddle).
Aah, if it wasn’t for my little comedian I’d be mental.

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  1. I composed a couple of replies to the previous posts .. but everything sounded hollow/lame, so I deleted before sending.

    I guess that’s pretty lame in itself .. huh ?

    Sorry about that.

    Can’t wait to see those vege patches growing though.
    Fraser will love it. I recommend strawbs and fresh peas for kiddly-snacking right off the plant ( none will make it to table ! ). Runner beans also have quite attractive foliage/vines, as well as being yummy to eat. Not to mention reducing your grocery bill in these mortgage-challenged times …….

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