Let’s go shopping

We got our baby bonus cheque in the mail yesterday. Thanks Mr Tax Man. Glad to receive rather than give in this case. Already ordered our new TV cabinet from Everyday Living. It won’t be arriving until September.

Fraser has been ‘asserting his independence’ lately. Harrumph! That’s the downside to language development. Last night he woke up at 4.15am and came into our bed. I went to the loo and came back to him lying in my spot. SO I said ‘move over’ and he says ‘my bed’. I said ‘move over’, ‘no’. ‘DO you want to go back to your room? Then move over, please.’ Crikey.

I have been thinking about toilet training. I was speaking to one of his carers at daycare this morning and she said Fraser goes to the toilet for wees and even takes his nappy off and puts in the bin. They’re pretty impressed with that part. Their thoughts are that he goes to the toilet because all the older kids are going, so he’s copying. At home he has no inclination. I’m thinking in Summer I’ll let him run around in the nuddy in the hopes he’ll put it together himself.


  1. what we did with teh boys and dana was let them run around in undies and when the poo or wee in them, its not very comfortable, and so, eventually they stop doing it.. :-)

  2. LOL. How did my boy get into your bed .. and how did you get into my head ?

    We had the same conversation last night, but it was because of ‘fun’ animated kicking off of the bedsheets. Yeah, hilarious – go do it in your bed, kid, we’re freezing here …

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