no title this time :P

Not a whole lot of news from the last week. I did my fortnightly shop last saturday which was quite successful. I expect I should be able to keep that up. On Sunday we had mothers group friends Matt, natasha and their little boy Noah come for a visit on their way back from Canberra. That was great to see them again and inspired me to pull my finger out and do this scrapbook layout that has been on my mind for a while.

friends LO

I’m working on Fraser’s 2nd birthday LO too.

Fraser’s been ill the last couple of weeks. He’s had a cough and cold for a while but this last week has had the runs so we kept him home from daycare today. He stayed home with Matt. Fortunately, Matt was still able to do about a half day’s work and hopefully he’ll recover over the weekend.

Tomorrow night we have a birthday dinner in town (i.e. Goulburn for those people that think ‘town’ means Sydney) to go to and that’s about it. More lounging over the weekend, I hope. Possibly even landscaping vege patches or something. W00p!

Oh yes. I forgot to mention the blood results. All normal. Of course. Pfft.

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