This week’s update

Lots to talk about. First of all I should say that Fraser’s rash turned out to be nothing much, as suspected. It was a hyper-sensitive skin reaction to something. He was very itchy but it went away of it’s own accord by Tuesday afternoon. I gave him a dose of anti-histamine at lunch just in case but I didn’t even need to use the steroid cream that he was prescribed.

My first week of work went well. Quiet and pretty uneventful but that’s the way of things at the start. The culture at the credit union seems to be pretty good even if the money isn’t fantastic. On your birthday, and on the anniversary of your employment, they give you a $50 gift voucher. Sweet. I’m amazed how manual the whole banking thing is. For example, when you Bpay something, it’s held in a file until someone FTP’s it to a third party which actually handles the transaction. There appears to be very little, if any, automation. Crazy!

We were expecting another senior to join us but there’s been noone worthy. It’s been suggested that because of my cisco experience I may be able to fullfil that role. We’ll see after I sit down with the main IT guy in Sydney. In any case my CCNA certification has expired so I’m thinking about studying to do the exam to recertify.

My mac won’t login to the citrix server at work so that’s a bit sad. Matt played with the certificates etc for hours, to no avail. Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi..You’re my only hope!

I’m trying to get the rest of my life operating in some sort of routine around my work hours. I tried grocery shopping after work on Friday evening but that was far too hectic. I think I’ll switch to a fortnightly shop on the weekend or on Wednesdays.

On Saturday we went to Sydney. We visited K&S and Baby K. Very cute. So small and so far, unnamed. Lots of dark hair. Just so nice to get a chance to hold him. I’m surprised and glad that I wasn’t bitter at all, just happy and excited for them. Perhaps that means I’m moving on to a place where I can draw a stop line. Having said that though, I had my blood test yesterday. I’ll call the doctor for the figures on Friday. My cycles are crazy-short these last few months. 24-25 days!
Anyway, back to Saturday… we visited Matt’s folks and all went to look at TVs. We ended up buying a 32in widescreen LCD. The we spied a lovely cabinet from Everyday Living and it’s 30% off for the rest of JUly. I think I know what my tax cheque might go on.
Have decided against the Ikea one because the viewing angle is narrower as the doors dont slide back inside the unit.

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