TTC update

I thought I’d post a separate update for this part. I went and saw a GP on Thursday morning to chase up the first stages of investigating our fertility woes. Dare I say infertility?

It was a satisfactory meeting. I can’t say it was great because she ‘educated’ me on how cycles work and that if my last few cycles have been 25 days then I may be missing the boat. And we all know women ALWAYS ovulate 14 days before a period. Eye-rolling indeed.
So anyway, once I got over the idea I must have it all wrong after a year or so’s charting… I have a referral for a day 21 blood test, a referral for ultrasound and a count of the sea-people.
Pending results I will then get the magical referral to fertility gyno.

Seeing as I’ve already O’d, I’ll organise the day 21 bloods and leave it at that for this month. I’ve started my new job now so I’m not obsessing about getting all these tests done ASAP. One step at a time I think.

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