The Last Day and the First Day

Monday last week was my last day at TAFE. Everyone seemed genuinely disappointed that I was leaving and 2 of my classmates took me out to lunch. The teacher gave me a small print from his Bougainville work as a parting gift. I was kind of touched.

Yesterday was my first day of work. I was asked to come to the head office in Sydney for the day so I could meet everyone and hand in the requisite paperwork. So I drove up on Sunday arvo and spent the night at Mum’s. On the way in I stopped in to IKEA and picked up some new drinking glasses and the expansion train tracks for Fraser’s train set. Also checked out the curtains hoping to find something for our bedroom. I did see some nice steel-blue coloured curtains but at $200 plus rod bits and pieces I’ve reserved purchase for another time.

We had dinner out and saw Wah Wah at the movies. It was pretty good but I was expecting some sort of climax or big ending but it’s really just the tale of Richard E. Grant’s life and the most exciting part happens early on.

I drove into work yesterday morning. Did the whole meet and greet thing, paperwork, got a tour of the computer room, and got some decent company goss. I’m glad I’ve been furnished with the juicy info on my first day. It bodes well for long-term job entertainment.

With some rather fortunate timing I was in town for Baby K’s birth yesterday. Not that I’ve seen him yet (hopefully, Saturday) but I did go around and spend the evening with Miss Bindy. We went out for pizza and champagne. I stayed over and came home this morning.

Fraser has developed some sort of contact rash? SO I am off to the doctors tomorrow.

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