Scrambled eggs

It’s been a busy time. I finished the blinds..mostly. Just need to sew in the dowel rods and add rings and string to the big blind. I’ll take a pic later. There’s obvious wonkiness on one but overall I’m pleased with my efforts. I think the wonkiness comes from working on the floor. Perhaps if I’d done my cutting and pinning on the kitchen table it may have come out more evenly.

Last week I sewed a top for Fraser out of remnant fleece.
The stitching is shockingly bad but blends in well enough that you can’t notice unless you look for it. It fits him well and I’ve had lots of comments on the print. I found the pattern instructions quite tricky even though it was a simple pattern. Obviously, I need lots of practice.

I’ve been getting into the scrapping and have 2 layouts just about finished and one brewing in my head. I’m starting to learn all the jargon and I’ve made a list of pages I want to do for Fraser’s album. I think I’ll do pages up until his 2nd birthday and then start a family album.

Fraser has been well though he’s been in our bed every night this week. :
I may reinstate the star chart to try and get him to stay in bed. I took him to Dorothy’s Dance Party yesterday morning. I think he enjoyed it though he just stood there and stared at the stage most of the time. I had to coax him to dance. Maybe he just thought it was weird that it wasn’t a telly he was watching.
He went across to daycare afterwards and Cathy had built an ‘experience’ for him. She’d made a big train track outside with tunnels and everything and he played on it for an hour! I’m sure she was happy with his response to it.
After daycare we took him to see Cars at the movies. Not a bad show but not really worthy of the hype. Not that a 2 year old would care. It was long for a kids movie and Fraser got pretty fidgety and restless.

I’ve made an appointment with a GP to find out what the hell is up with my reproductive organs. I’ll take some choice charts with me. I’ve stopped the herbs this month as my cycle seems to have gotten a few days shorter and I want to know if the herbs are to blame. I figure it’s also a good idea to go to the doctor with a baseline cycle. i.e. a normal, unadulterated cycle. That’s coming up on Thursday morning.

A week or 2 ago I bought a few bales of hay from next door. I’ve run out of mushroom compost which I was using on the floor of the chook house. They hay will do nicely. So I thought the chook/s had slowed down their laying for winter but I found a stash in a hollow they made in the bales of hay. 8 eggs all in a pile! It seems to be their preferred laying spot. Needless to say, lunch was scrambled eggs.

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