Today was my Wollongong trip. I drove to the mechanic and he kindly gave me a lift up to Crown PLaza. I bought a gift for the christening we are going to on Sunday. I also went to Spotlight and bought some navy Corduroy and some other odds and ends to make Fraser’s fleecy jumper. David Jones and Myer both had big sales on and I can’t believe my restraint. In the end I bought some flat navy shoes and a white blouse from Rivers. There’s a couple of items towards my work uniform/wardrobe.
A good investment it turns out, as I had a call later in the day from the IT Operations Manager who asked if I was interested in starting earlier. So I suggested a start date of the 29th June. W00p! Excellent. An extra month and a half of wages. I’ve still got plenty of time to do some things I’d liek to do while I have the chance. GO and get a proper haircut, see the Da Vinci code movie, and (dare I say) scrapbook classes. (!)

Yes, yes. You read correctly. Scrapbook classes. I did my first ‘professionally assisted’ layout yesterday. Fraser’s first Christmas. It’s alright but it still looks pretty amateurish.


When I dropped Fraser off at daycare yesterday I had to sign a permission slip for Fraser to be the ‘focus child’ for a TAFE student over the next couple of weeks. Apparently the practical part of the childcare course involves the student spending lots of one-on-one time with one of the kids to learn about their development or something. I’m sure Frase will enjoy having his own playmate for a couple of weeks.


  1. dont bother with the da vanci code at teh cinema, the critics are right.

    its an ok movie, but nothing special. a dvd movie at best, vhs at worst, and hell, why not a download? :-)

    inside man, now _thats_ a cool movie to see at the cinema.

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