Crafty week

I finished one roman blind on Friday night. There’s an ever so slight wonkiness but it’s really not obvious unless you get a tape measure out. I’m sure the next blind I finish will be better and the last one even better than that. Needless to say, I’m excited that I’ve accomplished such a thing. I just found the concept way too overwhelming a few months ago and look at me now. W00t!!


I’ve decided my next sewing project will be a polar-fleece top for Fraser out of the remnant fleece I bought ages ago from Lincraft in Canberra. I have a Simplicity pattern so I will see how I go after the blinds.

We had a party weekend. On saturday we drove down to Boorowa and went to Heather’s 30th. It was freezing but lots of fire-barrels and open fires kept us warm. Fraser and Harrison played together until we left at about 9pm. So we drove back Saturday night, slept, and then drove up to Sydney Sunday morning for Miss K’s baby shower. There were lots of little kids there and Fraser had a ball. He threw quite the tanty when it was time to leave. Aah well. Not surprising after the sugar high. The kids all had their own mini pavlovas with cream and strawberries. :D

I was a bit stumped as to what to give Baby K so I went with a bit of an elephant theme and did this painting.

elephant painting

This week’s plans include more sewing and a trip to Wollongong for a checkup on the car.

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  1. Frase wasn’t the only one to have a little tanty when it was time to go – apparently little Rory cried for more than half an hour afterwards. I think all the little ones had a heap of fun, assisted by the mini pavs I know I had a lot of fun too! We can’t wait to put the elephant on the wall of the baby-room-to-be!

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