My boy is growing up

I’ll start this post with the most exciting news I’ve had in some time. I picked Fraser up from daycare on Friday and was told that he did 5 wees on the toilet that day. It’s been suggested that I bring him in pull-ups now as he throws his nappy on the floor and consequently can’t be re-used.
He’s still not too interested in going to the toilet at home but at least he’s getting a handle on the idea.

Yesterday we all went to a 21st party at the Workers Club. Lucky we managed to get Frase to have a sleep on the afternoon because he powered on at the party until 11.30pm! He danced to the jukebox, ate cake, and played with the older kids that were there. This morning he woke up at 7.30 but reefused to have a nap all day until he crashed at 4.45pm. He still needs to have his dinner and a bath. He’s filthy! So I guess I’ll wake him up in a little bit.


Thanks to a suggestion Dad made, I have been collecting medium sized rocks the last couple of days and have formed the edging of my new garden bed around the east side of the house.
I’m getting some prices on having mulch and compost delivered as I haven’t got a big enough collection of our own compost yet.

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