Mothers’ Day weekend and other stuff

Spent last weekend in Sydney and got some furnishing related things done. On Saturday morning I picked up a flokati rug that I had dyed. I can’t believe I nearly threw it out. It looks great with it’s new lease on life. A dry-cleaner friend of Mum’s GAVE it to me as some bozo had never picked it up after having it cleaned. SO I had it in storage for ages as it was a natural beige colour that just always seemed to look dirty. Had a brainwave a couple of months ago about dying it mauve/purple and using it in the green loungeroom. For a couple of hundred bucks it’s the best furnishing decision I’ve ever made.

Also made my trip into Lincraft with Mum and bought the fabric for the blinds. It’s the same pattern as the curtains but gold with flecks of a paler gold. It might look a bit dodgy until I get the gold and red striped cushions done but so be it. Maybe I should glue some red braid or ribbon to the finished blinds. We’ll see. It’s already lined so much less fuss. I bought the wooden dowel and battens today so work will commence shortly.

SO whie I was out galavanting with Mum on Saturday Fraser had a Daddy day. They went down to the wharf to look at the boats and then went to the Powerhouse Museum. Fraser had a great time there apparently. Pressing buttons, looking at the big train, cars, and TV character displays.

Mothers’ Day on Sunday was a BBQ at Mum and Dad’s with my Nana (Nana Maisie) and Aunty Ann, Keith and cousin Bradley. Fraser (i.e. Matt) gave me a Gardening Australia box of gardening index cards and apron. It’s inspired me to try and grow some clematis up the eastern wall of the house where there is only the ensuite window. I’ll have to screw some galvanised wire into the wall for the plants to climb up. Tomorrow I’ll set to work hacking all the weeds out of that area. Chops the sheep has nicked off somewhere so I may not need to worry about fencing off any new plants. Frase was a bit upset when he realised Chops had run away. He was outside with us yesterday calling out for her “Chop! Choppy!”. Aww.

I’ve been getting into scrapbooking lately. *Shock*
I’m only doing basic stuff at present, using some kits and things that Mum had given me a couple of Christmases ago. But I’m finding myself doing mental layouts. Arghh. I LOVE this blog. She’s got some great ideas in there.

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