Finally, here is a pic of Rocky with a few of the girls.


He’s very glossy and is fitting in well with the peep of chickens.

I have finished my beanie mission for the winter. I knitted a couple of newborn hats for someone. The first one being too small for Fraser! Then i managed to knit one the right size.
I also knitted one for me out Noro Silk Garden. (Thanks Bindy for the inspiration.) It’s self-striping yarn. Groovy, eh ? I’m happy it turned out so well given Fraser pulled all the double-pointed needles out when I was about 10 rounds from the top. I did well to recover with only a minor repair job after completion. It’s meant to be one skein but I went into a second. Not by much, but obviously my gauge is tighter and I never do a test square. Bad muser!
Aah well. It will go nicely with my new Target coat.


In job news, I received my letter of offer this week. It’s all pretty standard really however there is a ‘uniform’ of sorts. I must wear ‘navy blue and white of a professional standard’. After my probationary period I will received a clothing allowance of $180 and then it will be $230 per annum. I’ll also receive a few Police Credit Union blouses/shirts. I have one item of suitable clothing in my wardrobe at present. A shopping trip is called for.

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  1. Good work on the clothing allowance – nice !
    I’d want that money if I *had* to go out and buy a heap of boring navy & white stuff, so kudos ;)

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