A bit of rambling

I came home on Monday to our new rooster. He was caged in with the girls for a couple of days and then I let them all out again. The first night was a bit of a struggle getting them all in together as the hens were chasing him away but last night was fine. He’s still asserting his authority, I think. He’s quite attractive and is of similar colouring to the hens.. I think we’ll call him Rocky after the rooster in Chicken Run.
I’ll have to get a photo of him.

I’m buying tickets today for the Wiggles show. It’s coming to Goulburn on June 16th. No actual Wiggles, just the characters from what I can tell.

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  1. When mum (briefly) had a rooster he used to annoy everyone around with his early morning crowing. A neighbor suggested that he be put in a box with a relatively low ceiling overnight because they need to put their heads up to crow, and when they can’t, they don’t crow! Just something to try if it becomes a problem…..

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