I *heart* sales!

I have had a great few days.
On thursday I dropped Fraser off and drove down to Canberra. I met Linda for lunch and had a quick scoot around Myer before heading into Lincraft. Unfortunately, Canberra Lincraft didn’t have enough of the fabric I was after either so I came away with a couple of little things for Fraser. A Wiggles puzzle and a Bob the Builder game of snap. I did find out that the Sydney Lincraft has miles of the fabric (and a much bigger range) so I will have to make a beeline for it on Mother’s Day weekend.
Spent more time in Canberra over the weekend. Linda came up with Garv and Harrison. The boys stayed here with Matt and Fraser and I went back to Canberra with Linda. We went straight to Kmart and I bought the last pair of microsuede boots (25% off) in my size, perhps even the last pair in ANY size. Then we went up to Myer and I bought a skirt for about 50% off that will go with the boots, also bought a long sleeved brown shirt – 20% off, and a green stripey shirt. I bought Fraser a mini lava lamp at $10 off.
We had Mexican for dinner with margaritas and watched Meet The Fockers on DVD. Had a lovely uninterrupted night’s sleep and got up at the leisurely hour of 8am. After breakfast-pancakes we headed back into town for some shopping at Target. This time I bought another long sleeved short on sale, a knee-length red coat 25% off, a couple of books and a new boomerang pillow for Matt (also on sale). So that’s my birthday money all spent and I have lots to show for it. W00p!

TAFE went back todayand I got the call during class about the job. I got it! I’ll be paid an hourly rate and Anne told me they are still figuring out the hours. She says it will be a minimum 15hrs and up to 21hrs. They are starting me after the full-timers so they can see how the part-time thing will slot in and so I won’t be starting until the 7th August. Holy moly! That’s ages away and what happens if I get pregnant before then?! I could end up starting work when I’m already 2 months or so. I guess I shouldn’t get ahead of myself but I can’t help trying to plan the un-plan-able.


  1. CONGRATULATIONS on the job!!

    Now you guys will have more money and you can spend it on more skirts and tops!!

  2. I had meant to post earlier, congratulations on the new job, the hours look perfect!

    Don’t feel guilty about the possibility of having to inform them of a pregnancy soon after you arrive. This job can only be good news for you, you either have an income for quite a while or you get a couple of months income and a long awaited baby. Smile Aprill, cos I’m smiling for you right now.


  3. 100% Ditto to Bindy
    Thanks for having us on the weekend
    Special thanks for the champers


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