Nothing much going on here but a few bits of news to report. We went in to Campbelltown on Sunday as there is a Spotlight and a Lincraft there. Both of them are having sales at present so I went armed my list of requirements for roman blind making. I found some appropriate fabric at Lincraft. It was the same kind of fabric as the curtains I have but with 1cm wide gold stripes running down it. I didn’t love it but it the only coordinating fabric I could find. Unfortunately, Lincraft didn’t have enough of it anyway. Maybe that’s a good thing. So I will have to go to Canberra this Thursday to look there. Hopefully there’ll be abigger range of fabrics there.
I did come away with some of the supplies though.

My knitting is getting a bit better though I have difficulty adjusting patterns for size. I have ended up with a newborn size beanie instead of one that will fit a toddler. *sigh*
So I’ve started again with a different pattern.

We are getting a rooster! The farm manager from the estate down the road is leaving and not taking his roosters with him so he is giving us one. I’m not sure what type it is. He’s bringing it around this week. Does he just eat what the hens eat? How will he know this chook shed is home..will he just follow the hens in and be happy or do I need to lock him in for a few days?

Other news is Cycle 12 ended a couple of days ago. I told myself I’d be OK with that as it meant I wouldn’t have to deal with possibly taking a new job knowing I was pregnant. Seems I can say whatever I like and I still won’t listen. Hmmpf! I think the milestone sucks more than this particular cycle being busted. I am hoping to hear back about that job by the end of this week. I heard from one of my referees that he got called last Friday so that must be a good sign. See how I artfully mix the good news in with the bad there? LOL

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  1. The cockerel should see the hens, show them who’s boss, and then follow them into the hen house… Keep an eye on him to make sure he goes in at night, but you will generally find that he makes looking after then hens easier for you as he is doing half your job for you. Are you going to try hatching chicks now that you will have fertile eggs?

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