Easter Bunny

It’s been a busy few days.

Last Saturday we went up to Sydney for a wedding. Dropped Fraser off with Uncle & Aunty Boo, checked into our hotel in the CBD, had some lunch somewhere in town, bought some music with my Red Eye credit and easter eggs from Darrel Lea.
The wedding was good fun. Caught up with some people, and enjoyed the views from the rooftop of the Palisade hotel in the Rocks.

Fraser was a good boy. Boo and Lauren ran him out at the park for a couple of hours and he crashed into bed at 7.30pm. They had to wake him up at 8.30am so they could take him to Lauren’s family for easter breakfast. THEY had to wake HIM!!! Far out brussell sprout. We were impressed.

We got home Sunday afternoon. Mum and Dad were here to stay for a few days. Fraser had a great time with them and he can now say “Nanny” and “Pop”. They went home yesterday but Fraser still asks after them every now and then.

Monday we went to the neighbours for a combined birthday party. Four of us in the street have birthdays around the same time. THat was a fun evening and Nanny made Fraser an easter bunny hat.

easter bunny

I had my birthday on Wednesday. Matt gave me a voucher for Magnetmart (like BUnnings) and Mum and Dad gave me a voucher for Coles-Myer. I’ll have to plan a big shopping day to Campbelltown. There’s a Spotlight and a Lincraft there, both with sales on at the moment.

My second interview for PCU was on this morning. I think it went OK but I did a bit of bumbling when I answered a couple of technical questions. I’m feeling about 70% positive. Will hear back next week or the one after. They were supposed to interview another candidate this morning but he mixed up the dates and didn’t show up. I should win some points on that alone.

I’ve started a new knitting project. A beanie for Fraser, and one for me.

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  1. I am so in love with those Easter Bunny ears ;)
    My, how Fraser resembles you – what a lovely pic !

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