EGG-citing update

Several things to report today. ALL good news! Yesterday morning the daycare told me they had spots available on tuesdays and wednesdays if we wanted more days. I mulled it over as I will need the extra days when I get a job but to get the extra days in advance might be too expensive. So I continued to think about it through the day and made my way back into town to do some shopping in the afternoon. On my way in I got a call asking me in for the second interview for the credit union job. W000t! Thursday, April 20th at 10am. I have to bring in all my certificates to show the IT Manager who will be interviewing me. So I decided to ask for one extra day at daycare and hopefully it hasn’t already been taken up.

When I picked up Fraser from daycare they told me he’d done a wee on the toilet! He seems to really take in what the other kids are doing and wants to copy them. He got a stamp on his hand for his good work. :)

In other news..and this probably the biggest. One of the hens has laid her first egg!! It was there this morning when I went to let them out at 11am. I’m going to go and pamper them with some fresh sugar cane mulch in their nest boxes.

First egg


  1. Cute! An egg just in time for easter!!!! Sounds like you are having an ‘everything coming together’ week!

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