Living room ideas

Further to my post about Roman blinds I have had a brainwave on exactly how I want to decorate the living room.
It involves spending money at IKEA. :D

So, firstly I’ll make these darn roman blinds myself probably in the same fabric that the curtaINs are. Lincraft sell it but I will check Spotlight for something similar as i get a VIP discount there.

Next our existing TV unit will be replaced by this, or similar. Importantly I want to be able to shut the TV away. This one comes in a dark brown.

TV storage unit

Then I would love to throw a few of these ceiling decorations over the play area.

Hanging decoHanging deco

The I’ll need a coffee table but I’m not sure whether to match the TV unit or to get something different. Will also throw some art up on the walls around the TV unit and behind the couch. A recliner chair is almost a necessity as well. ;)
Eventually I’ll get around to having custom timber seating for under the bay window built and I’ll make cushions from the red/gold striped fabric I have. Imagine pelmets over the top of the curtinas also. Light fittings required too. Maybe downlights? Don’t know.

I am documenting here so I don’t forget.

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