Calling all interior design gurus

I’ve had some quotes on roman blinds for our living room. There are three windows – 2 smallish ones and a big one. The local Luxaflex agent quoted $890 with a rather boring range of fabric options. So I called Spotlight and their quote is just a bit lower and again, it depends on the choice of fabric. I think I will go to a Spotlight store (the people from Wollongong or Campbelltown will come out to me) and look at the range of fabrics. The lady from Spotlight said that romans are expensive. I already have Lincraft premade pleat curtains on the 2 sliding doors either side but I did want romans for the bay windows between the curtains. Should I consider a different type of blind? The premade blinds are all the wrong sizes otherwise I would just stick some bamboo ones up there. Seeing as I’m going to have to get some made anyway I may as well get it truly coordinated. What should I do? Stick with romans and just save up the cash, or switch to something else?

Job news – I got a reject letter from the radio station but that’s OK. It would have been too hard sorting out the childcare issues. Still waiting on the PCU.


  1. Go the truly coordinated romans!

    If you’re game Roman blinds dont take as much fabric as curtains to make……

  2. I agree with everyone – get the ones you really really want. You don’t want to be looking at them in two years wishing you had just waited a bit!

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