Defective but otherwise OK

I’m just about to wrap up this cycle and call it a bust. I do believe we’re entering our 12th month. So yes, I’m feeling a bit defective but not too bad. At this stage last time I was ready to rip off the heads of pregnant women. I’m happy to say I’m not in that headspace this time.
Which is J announced recently that she’s pregnant again. That would have made for unpleasant family relations if I was ripping heads off. LOL. I don’t have any gender vibes for the new cousin-to-be yet but my predictions have been totally wrong in the past so best not guess or I’d have lost my shirt by now.

If I was a mathematician and into patterns I would say I expect to be pregnant this next cycle. Fraser took 12 months. Perhaps this one will be the same.
If I was a hippy and believed everything my psychic cousin says I will be pregnant this coming cycle or the one after that.
Well, I don’t really know. I can say that I feel confident that it will happen and less inclined to seek medical opinion. Every now and then I wonder when I should draw the line but I guess I’ll know when that time has come.

In other news we had a date the other night. Matt and I went to see Firewall and had Mexican for dinner. Very pleasant. Firewall was not as nerdy as I was expecting. They showed an access-list and that was it for real-life nerdiness. Still a good bit of escapism though.

Not much else to report here. No work goss yet.

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  1. good to see you’re not feeling too shit chick. stress doesnt work wonders when wanting to become pregnant.

    lots and lots of practise, then see what happens, you never know.

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