Toilet Humour

I forgot to mention the funniest thing that happened on the weekend. We had J, S and Sav down for the weekend. Becasue of Fraser’s sleep-in on Sunday and the excitement of having Savanna to play with he wouldn’t go down for his nap. So I left him in there and took his pants off in case he was hot. 15 minutes later I went in to check and discovered he’d taken his nappy off and done a poo ON the doona and was now happily sitting on the floor playing with toys. I had a trail of poo to clean up and an emergency wash to put on. blergh. So he ended up having no nap at all.

In other toilet news, I busted Fraser playing with trough lolly in the toilet bowl. No trough lollies will be in the toilet until further notice.

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Aprill Allen

Collector of my own bad drafts & excellent one-liners. Current painting student; Three-time B-Arts dropout.

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