I had some interested in the virtual receptionist work that I mentioned last time. These are the people and I spoke to them a couple of days ago. They were actually after someone for 5 days a week between 10am and 2pm. I let them know I could only commit to 2 days as it’s quite a busy job (40-60 calls an hour) and I couldn’t take that on while Fraser was at home. So I don’t think that job will come through at this point.
The interview at the radio station went well. It was only a brief chat but there’s not much to that job.
No other work goss.

Fraser is doing well but now that he can open the doors he’s raiding the pantry all the time. I must get to Bunnings and buy those door knob covers this weekend. He’s also taken a liking to juice and is often heard calling out for it repeatedly “jooooooose, jooooooose!”.
Matt took Fraser to monster trucks in Goulburn on SAturday night. Apparently, Fraser loved it and he stayed awake for the whole thing. Crashed out when he got home at 10.30pm. We got a nice extra hour of sleep-in the next morning.

The chooks still aren’t laying but after discussing it with the flygardening mailing list it sounds like they are still too young. The younger 2 don’t even have fully formed combs yet. I took the opportunity with the nice misty rain the last couple of days to empty the first pile of compost onto the lavender garden bed. One end of the bed is still empty so I’ve decided to prepare it for planting some veg and herbs. I’ve planted some seeds in little punnets I made from fraser’s fruit and yogurt containers.

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