Interview update

The interview went well I think. I arrived with 5 or 10 minutes to spare after dropping Fraser off at daycare. I spent some time signing forms, filling out details and doing the “worker attitude scale” questionnaire. I really do hate those things. I fail to see how a Yes/No bunch of questions such as “Have you ever worked with someone you didn’t like?” tell a person much about someone’s personality. Of course, I’m told there are no wrong answers. Naturally, I always think I am choosing the WRONGEST answer and I’m revealing some hidden tendency towards going postal.
Once I filled that out we went upstairs and commenced the interview. Anne explained a bit about the organisation and about the new premises. John explained the Network Operations role and the network and systems in brief. It turns out that this is not quite so technically challenging as what I’ve experienced in ISPs and Telcos. It’s basically starting batch jobs and taking calls from Credit union chumps that know little about computers. They use Citrix to “shadow” user machines. It’s NOT 24×7 at this stage but will go there some time in the future. There is noone currently employed in these roles so there is some flexibility with respect to part-time. The average length of employment with the CU is 7years! At the moment their systems are outsourced to some mob in Sydney and they are taking that over in August. The application source code is also outsourced. They have no engineers. It’s really entirely different than what I had in mind. But that’s ok. If these guys are willing to work with a part-timer than I don’t give a rat’s AZZ what I’m doing. They are running VOIP and their desktops over a 256k link at present (mwahahaha). If I get the PCU job I will have to spend a week in Sydney for induction (assimilation?). I will have to figure out some trickery with Fraser.
So anyway, I don’t find out whether I get a second interview or not until end of April. Looks like I might still have time to fit in that temp receptionist job.

Oh yes! Apparently someone else wants to hire me as a remote receptionist. That is, I work from home and I answer the phone like a virtual receptionist. A popup comes up on my computer to tell me how I answer the phone and who to route the call through to. This would also require a few days training in Sydney if I decide to take it.

So here I am with potentially 4 job opps. Confusion reigns. I’d rather take the PCU job if I get it but the month or so before I hear back again means I could already be getting some cash from somewhere. In all good conscience I can’t take a job with the knowledge I may quit in a month’s time. But then how can I knock things back when I haven’t even got that other job yet? Hopefully the right path will present itself to me.

I am really tired today. Getting out of bed in the mornings is harder when it’s dark.

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  1. How do you get a job as a virtual receptionist? I’m interested in that one. Can you give me any further details? PS..I’m really enjoying your new layout style, congratulations.

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