(This week’s) Chronicles of muser

There have been several developments over the past week. This last week has quite possibly been the most action packed since we moved here.

I will try to scroll back to where the last post left off.

OK.. so I got that job reject.. well that same day I applied for another job, on a whim. The Police Credit Union are starting a new NOC in Goulburn. Would you believe they are looking for 4 full-time NOCers?! I had a mental belly laugh and then typed up a reply. After all, what one-horse town like this would have people with that sort of experience?

Good Afternoon Mr Blogs (geddit?),

I found your advertisement in the XYZ and feel compelled to respond. I have a strong background in I.T. with over 6 years experience in Network Operations for internet service providers. My technical skills include Cisco (CCNA) and unix (linux, solaris) support.

My various Network Operations roles have all required excellent written and verbal communication skills. They most often involved shift work where I was usually part of a team but regularly rostered on alone. I am confident in either situation and can adapt when changes take place.

I am currently seeking part-time work due to child care limitations. Hopefully, you might consider employing part-time with a view to expanding into full-time shifts.

I have attached a brief employment history. I look forward to having the opportunity to discuss this with you further.

Best regards,

As you can see I didn’t put a whole lot of effort into the email nor did I even give him a decent CV with technical info. Well, blow me down with a feather… a week later, (the day after I posted the last entry), he called me back. I asked him if the part-time was a problem and he said they would like to talk to me and see if anything can be figured out. I am pretty excited. I know I spent ages moaning about I.T. and how I knew it wasn’t my life’s purpose but ..well.. I dunno. I’m just amazed that these opportunites are just jumping out all of a sudden.

I mentioned all that to the naturopath last Friday and he said that perhaps I just needed to slow down and take a breath for these opportunities to be able to present themselves.

And that isn’t the only job opportunity either. I half-heartedly applied for a temp receptionist job at radio station 2GN thinking there would be no chance I even qualify for an interview. Not true. I have one on Monday morning. The job is for one full time week in April and one in May. Not sure how it would be juggled aorund day care and Matt’s work but I’m hoping I just work something out with the credit union and I won’t have to worry about it. Of course that’s all assuming I’m offered either of those jobs.

Enough work stuff.

I went up to Sydney on Tuesday and came back last night. Did some visiting, talking, crying, more crying, more talking and so on and so forth. It was good to spend time reconnecting with good friends. I bought a new interview frock.
Then I came home to Mum and Dad’s where I got the news that Ruby was going to the vet and not coming home. More crying. Fraser pointed at the basket and panted like a dog. He knew RUby but I’m glad he’s too young for us to need to have that sort of talk just yet.

I also managed to fit in a visit to a mothers group friend who has a new baby.

The cycle of life all in a couple of days. :|

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