The weekend

A while ago a tomato seed germinated in amongst my geraniums. I thought the seedling might have been something useful rather than a weed so I let it grow. I’m glad I did. Here’s my first tomato! I forget which variety it is but it’s a roma-looking cherry tomato. I’ll have to go through my seed packets and see what it might be.

first tomato

Mosaic class was good on Saturday. I’ve increased my repertoire of tile cuts. Here’s the first piece I did. A photo frame. The teacher was great. She used to be a policy analyst and wound up in mosaic as a full-time artist. She didn’t plan it apparently, just landed there somehow.


Here’s the next piece I did. A trivet for the kitchen.


Fraser had a good time with Nana and Pop. They took him to the park and he went down the slides and ran himself out. He had a 2.5 hour nap!!


This morning I had my job interview. It was with a panel of 3 women. The position is an administration assistant to the Regional Arts Development Officer. She spends most of the week on the road going around the district. The admin assistant mans the office 2 days a week taking calls from members, photocopying, filing and just generally helping the RADO.
I think the interview went well. I should find out next week.

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