All is right with the world…

ThE West Wing is back on TV. ABC bought it and have started screening it from Series 4. So we’ve gone back aways but that’s fine. I love watching it now with subtitles. We didn’t have that luxury before. The dialogue is so quick sometimes that it’s easy to miss crucial bits.

TAFE was fine. They’ve restructured the course and we are now provided with b&w film to take around the campus. The current project is to capture life at TAFE and choice shots will doubt be used in promotional literature. Nonetheless the pressure is off for taking rolls of filsm out of class time. Not to mention the expense of $10 per roll every week.

I have my job interview on Sunday. Bindy has coached me on an appropriate weakness to talk about should that horrid question be asked. I’m sure I will have to iron something to wear. Yay for laziness! The ironing board has been up since I hemmed Fraser’s curtains.

Savanna and Fraser had a play-date down here yesterday. I love that they enjoy playing together. I even did half a page of scrapbooking with Jane inspiring me. Finally got out all the gear Mum gave me for Christmas ’04. I’m trying to get Fraser’s pictorial life story in order. I half video tapes around the place, photos, digital photos, partly filled out baby books. Thank god for my recording everything here because I can search back for all the info missing in the books and fill it out.

Sydney tonight and tomorrow. Looking forward to some uninterrupted conversation with Keda. I am also pining for the baby shower weekend coming up in a month’s time as I will be child-free for a whole overnight stay. W00p! Nothing against my little shadow. I love him dearly and just thinking of him now makes me teary (WTF?!) but my Lord, a whole weekend is precious gold.

Ebay sales are going well. Some don’t sell but that’s life. I have several finishing today. Will be posting off on Monday.

Well that’s it from me. Have a lovely weekend.

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