Sell! Sell! Sell!

I have been Ebaying like a demon. I’m going through my stockpile of 90s indie records and listing them for auction. Any that don’t sell I will take up to Red Eye records in Sydney and trade them for something more practical. I’m just tired of having stuff hanging around that isn’t used or appreciated anymore. I’m not interested in the reminder of my early 20s that I squandered on being normal.
Flog it all, I say!

Chops seems to be here to stay. We left the gate open since last Wednesday and even though she’s gone out a few times, she keeps coming back. Maybe she’s happy being a pet. In any case, she must have got the hint becuase i haven’t heard her bleating in the early hours since then.

TAFE goes back tomorrow. I’ve only taken 2 rolls of film in the break so the teacher won’t be too impressed, I bet.

In other artistic news, I have a mosaic workshop to go to on Saturday with Miss K and it inspired me to go through all my mosaic books. I’ve had a creative brainwave to do some mosaic wall art for the bare brick wall outside our bedroom on the verandah. It will have chooks on it. I’ev done a rough sketch and will keep it aside until I source the materials to do it. I’ll have to figure out how one securely attaches such a thing to the wall.

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