herbal help

I had an enormous post ready to go about the appointment with the naturopath last Friday but my browser crashed and I couldn’t be assed writing it all out again until now.

The appointment went well. I felt like I made a real connection with this guy. He asked lots of questions, looked at my eyes, asked more questions. Do you get headaches? Do you feel tired at any times through the day? Usual stuff.

So after all that he says ‘without intending to sound mean, I’m really glad you’re NOT pregnant right now’. Apparently, my body is sapped of energy and needs rest and recuperation. Focus on that for 3 months. With all the talking we did I realised that I had a very hectic 12 months after Fraser was born. We had the dramas we had with his feeding and screaming, then Matt’s work dramas and me going back to full time work, then we moved. So I was on the go the whole time and now my body has given up in the hopes of my mind recognising that it needs to slow down as well. I am in a slump.

Stephen (the naturopath) also advised me on how and when to eat through the day so I don’t have my mid-afternoon faze-out. If I keep my blood sugar levels on track that will level out my moods and hormones. I’m on St Johns Wort 3 times a day and 4 valerian tabs before bed to help me sleep more effectively.
I’ve been told to give myself permission to have guilt-free rest time, do the bare minimum for the next few months and put off thinking about all the non-critical stuff that’s been bothering me – such as landscaping, patios and lawns. All those are to be reassessed on the 1st of May. Which is good as we just don’t have the money to chuck at those things right now. When I think about how if things had gone to my original plan I would have a newborn right now, I am glad that things didn’t go that way. I still feel like I’m getting older and the gap between Fraser and #2 is getting wider and wider and that sucks. But there’s not much I can do about that, so I need to stop thinking about it.

Stephen asked me what my long term intentions were should pregnancy be difficult to attain. I said that I was pretty definite about not going the injectibles, IVF, adoption route. Que sera, sera. At some point in the timeline we’ll just make the decision to get on with our lives as is.

In the meantime I’m looking for part-time work. I’ve applied for an administration role, a retail job and some sort of sales or assistant role at the newspaper. The last two jobs i notced after the cut-off date but applied anyway so I’m not holding my breath there. The admin role really looks good but I’ve heard lots of people have applied so yeh, not too confident. Ahh well. I’ll just have to keep trying.
I’m also re-reading my ‘1994 What Colour is Your Parachute’ to try and find out where I should be heading for finding a new career path.


Last Thursday I saw a snake. It’s the first time I’ve seen one in the almost-12 months that we’ve lived here. It was a brown snake and it was right up at the [closed] back door. I called my neighbour and asked them what the recommended course of action is when we spot a snake. She sent Tony over with the shotgun. He had a poke around but by the time he’d got here the snake had slithered off somewhere. I’m just glad we were indoors at the time.

It’s that time of year when the snakes come out to eat and fatten up for winter hibernation.

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